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Thread: Graphic card upgrade question

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    Default Graphic card upgrade question

    I am looking to upgrade graphiocs cards to the next generation. I have the EVA 8800GT and a PCI 1.0 x16 slot on the BM. I would like to buy the EVA 260 GTX. The spec say it requires PCI 2.0. Questions:

    1. Would it still function in the PCI 1.0 slot?
    2. Would I get any benefit, say 100% faster instead of 200%?
    3. Any problems forseen?

    To get to 2.0 I would need a new MB, and if i was going to spend that money I may as well get a new i7 and new ram. This adds another $500 I do not wnat to spend. AS I would probably have to reload XP again!!! HUH!!! I could upgrade only the MB for my P5 but i think that would be a waste of money.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I can answer number one. Yes the card will still function in the 1.0 slot, but it won't run at it's full potential.

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    You will be fine. Just make sure you power supply is at-least 500w with 38 Amps (or more) available on the 12 volts rail(it will say on the side of your PSU(Power Supply Unit)). you might be-able to get by with 450w PSU, but if you decide you need a new PSU get one that is 80+ certified with 600w or more(for future use).

    may I also recommend a 5770 , they use less power 5770 performs about the same as GTX260, and has DX11 support (if you decide to move onto vista or win7 in the future) both cards are about the same price.

    edit: I've made a post about your first question in the past, here's the link
    Im behind

    PCI-E reference link
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