NVIDIA GeForce GTX480/470 will soon be officially released, but because of NDA reasons, the specific parameters is still not been confirmed recently MyDrivers revealed that the frequency information of the two graphics cards.

According to MyDrivers said they called from the domestic one, "Yu Wei Electronics (You Will)" graphics card vendor, he gave to the GTX400 series graphics cards the exact frequency information: GeForce GTX480 core frequency of 600-625MHz, uses Samsung 0.4ns GDDR5 memory particles, the composition of 384bit/1536MB specifications, while the memory frequency of 2000MHz (4000MHz DDR);

GeForce GTX470 core clock was 600MHz, the GDDR5 memory with 0.5ns particles formed 320bit/1280MB specifications, memory frequency of the same for 2000MHz (4000MHz DDR).

Imagine this hitting it's target clock of 750?!