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The future of Water Cooling

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  1. Deton
    I'm gladly to let you know is that water cooling will long live least another 5 more years.

    As we've heard the announcement Intel's new Sandy Bridge-E will come without a stock cooler and this the processor has the TDP of 130W and can consuming up to 180w at peak of 23A. What a beast!

    There you go fellas if Sandy Bridge-E is on your list of next upgrading then don't thinking of retiring your water cooling gears just yet.
  2. bullydog
    Totally agree, today I'm doing watercooling mainly for the aesthetics more than its cooling power LOL!!! SB-E is going to be such a monster in terms of producing heat. I'd see it becoming like LGA1366 Nehalem all over again
  3. Deton
    D.I.Y water cooling won't R.I.P. for awhile for sue, whatever of your investment will last you a long time.

    Take a look at AMD, they are going to bundle a sealed contain water cooler with their new Bulddozers.

    DIY, water cooling will always have a home with enthusiasts.
  4. KEEVS
    I think water cooling is far from dead, with all the new self contained units it will most likely become the primary cooling method for CPU's its much more effective, quieter and is a space saver when compared to the huge air coolers. Oh yeah and Intel is releasing their own liquid cooling system for the Sandy Bridge E!!! DIY H20 systems will live on, just like hod-rodding cars. It looks badass and makes it go faster....
  5. Deton
    haha....AMD has something like that for their upcoming Bulldozer and the cooler manufacture by Asetek as well. I think Intel kit looks bad-ass though, it's beefier. Look like it's using 140mm rad instead 120mm as AMD going to.btw, thanks for the link.
  6. Nanosec
    Definately not going to go away. with the availability of sealed closed loop systems anyone can do it.....that just means that hard core 'unsealed' systems will be a bit more mainstream, and hopefully the pieces & parts will also become more easily obtainable. It would be nice to walk into the local PC shop and have more choices on the shelf other than just one model of Lang pump and some tygon tubing.
  7. Deton
    I'm not sure if DIY water cooling gears widely available at local PC shop though. It's too specialize and customize for the average user to get involve. I don't think it will go away but it wouldn't be the necessary because the processors are getting cooler.
  8. grumpydaddy
    Only just found this place (again?)

    socket R (lga 2011) is a godsend for those watercooling companies.... Finally some proper heat to move again if only from the cpu.
  9. Deton
    The Ivy Bridge still run cooler unless you have the extreme edition or 6-8 cores chip.
  10. Doctor_Death
    Still trying to get Ivy Samples from Intel
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