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The future of Water Cooling

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  1. Deton
    As you know Intel Sandy Bridge processors run pretty cool, good high-end air cooler is capable to handle the overclocked chip up to 5Ghz (2600K) and the 22mn chips (Ivy Bridge) are scheduled to release by Q1 of 2012. Ivy chips are probably run cooler than Sandy Bridge.Tell us what you think of water cooling (custom setup) in the next five years. Will it be obsolete or not?Let hear your thought.
  2. smduff
    I think AMD will still need some decent cooling, I'm hoping they don't flake out on OC'ing like Intel did with SB. I prefer to have the skill to do it rather than relying on the chip by pressing a single button.
  3. Deton
    Bulldozer coming out soon and they have pretty low TDP as well. I'm really interesting to see you cool they run. IMO, custom water cooling won't be the necessary cooling method anymore if the CPU keeps getting power efficiency. However, it is still good for cooling GPUs thought.Hey Duff, who the heck are you? You're not my Hell....ops I mean H20 Angels
  4. Nibotz
    There will allays be a place for water cooling, even if its for aesthetics. Plus a cooler cpu, just means you can cool more components with the same system. That's a huge win. Imagine a time in the near future, where a singe 120mm radiator can cool a cpu, ram, hdd, & chipset, maybe even a GPU. Say it with me "Heaven".
  5. Deton
    Of course it's not totally R.I.P. but it's a not necessary cooling method for overclockers. I'm sure water cooling still be a useful for some systems and water cooling enthusiasts will still use it.
    Water cooling just start getting popular to the mainstream, we just started to see affordable DIY kits surfacing in the last couple years. And now we see more affordable all-in-one sealed kit from Antec, Corsair, CoolIt, Asetek...etc. These coolers are capable to chill today's modern 32mn CPUs.

    For me, I'm probably still use watercooling in the next build and the one after because I already have all the parts and keep recycling it. That is the good part of DIY water cooling setup.
  6. Nibotz
    Well there are a few other aspects:
    1) Ease of use. I have found it far easier to install my H70 then those massive heatsinks.
    2) space. These simple kits take much less room then those heatsinks and are ideal for small systems.
    3) noise. I used my h70, in a test with only 1 fan, as the only cooling device in my old system, which had 1x 120mm & 3x 80mm, it the db dropped by 20% and cpu temp dropped 5 degrees.
    4) efficiency. Even though air cooling can now be sufficient, water will be better.

    The only down side is they may leak.
  7. Deton
    Hey, you can't complain not staying dry when you play with water. You will definitely get wet when you go with DIY setup route. Yes, H20 will be more efficient than air and since future CPUs will be more power efficiency then we have no need to use high RPM fans. We will have very quiet PC when you go with water cooling.
  8. Nibotz
    LOL. I know you cant complain about being wet, but that fear has always been why people haven't flocked to water cooling. I was never willing to risk my money on my plumbing expertise. The only thing that broke me into the WC was the simple, cheep, already assembled units.

    However, in my time in the computer industry, i have worked on computers completely submerged in oil, on cpu's that had water pipes running through the center of them, and even on computers that were shipped inside refrigerators, where it would take over 5 hours to replace a component since you have to gradually raise the temp before opening the door.

    I don't think its going anywhere, i believe it will become more mainstream shipped with every comp. I am looking forward to the day, when a single 120 rad will be able to cool every part in my system.

    You also have to consider the APU, if that takes off. While Intel may be improving the efficiency, AMD is packing more heat into the same package.
  9. bullydog
    I do believe that watercooling will still be around just that it will eventually water down, especially for huge rads like the Mora rads 480 etc...This Sandy bridge Chip is really impressive in terms of temps load temps rarely goes into the high 60s
  10. Deton
    Bully, you're finally made it.
    Yup Sandy Bridge runs pretty cool and now we have to wait and see how Bulldozer produces heat.
    I don't think a single rad can handle everything even thing thought.
    Hey, have you guys see the new LGA2011 boards.
    Where's the MOFETS?
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