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  1. unCle idle hAnds
    42 years old and overclocking newbie,jus bought a maximus ii formula with e 8400,xtreem dark rams ddr2 800 [4-4-4-12] at 2.120 volts,i can only set my rig at fsb 365 x 9 mulitplier = 3.38 Ghz. volt core is at 1.32 volt,cpz stated rams running at 436 so that 876mhz,even after setting my rams to run at ddr the ai suite the fsb:dram ratio = 5;6, thats the furthest overclocking i can do,need help to do some maneul tuning,much appreciated
  2. 4hams
    Hey folks I run a Q9550 on a ASUS P5Q-E with 8Gb Ram. I have it clocked to 3.4 GHz using an 8.5 multiplyer and FSB of 400. This is with pretty much all other Bios settings on auto. When I clock it to 3.8 it runs very hot and fails temp tests with O.C.C.T. Periodically at tis speed the computer will shut down due to what I think is a memory dump? So I run the system at 3.4 with no issue at all.

    I will be adding a CooliT Domino ALC which I won on PUREOC and once installed would love to learn how to use all the settings on my Bios so I can acchieve a stable 3.8 or higher overclock.

    I will be asking alot of questions so please be patient with me.
  3. PruritusAni
    Figured I'd join right in on account of my core2duo E8500 @ 4.0GHz, trying to make the case to run cooler so that I may push it higher ...
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