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Thread: Wait for it… A NEW FX CPU!!!

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    Default Wait for it… A NEW FX CPU!!!

    Last week I told you not to get your hopes up about the AMD teasers floating around. This week, I’m glad I said as much because news has come out about what AMD is supposed to be releasing. Actually, there are several somethings announced with an FX processor only being a tidbit of the new CPUs coming in Q3 of this year. Am I saying I’m glad because we were all going to be disappointed? On the contrary, I’m actually saying that I’m much happier today because it seems like AMD is finally living up to the teasers rather than building hype. Let’s look at the chips for the FM2+ socket. On the APU side, AMD is releasing the A10-7800, the A8-7600 and the A6-7400K. It’s pretty safe to say that these variants will most likely add more selection to the 7k series APU line up and not much else. The Athlon CPUs, on the other hand, might be offering some improvements. The Athlons feature the X4 860K, X4 840 and the X2 450. While info is limited, the flagship chip here will clock in at 3.7 GHz with a possible boost of 4.0 GHz and will also have a 2MB L2 cache at 95W TDP. What will be interesting to find out is if AMD “evolved” the architecture here. If you remember, the teaser talked about a hero evolving and regardless of the details, the new naming scheme would indicate that these chips have at least been optimized to increase performance. However, when I think of hero chips, budget CPUs aren’t the first thing to come to mind. Finding out that AMD is releasing the FX-8370 is pretty darn good news. It looked like we weren’t going to see a new FX chip until 2016 but lo and behold, we’re likely to see this and the FX-8310 arrive in September. Let’s take the worst case scenario here. While the clock speeds aren’t known, the TDP of the new flagship is 125W, which is the same as the 8350, and the frequencies will be higher. Chances are this new chip will have much greater chances of overclocking to 5 GHz than its predecessor due to optimization while staying around the $200 price tag for enthusiasts on a budget. Best case scenario; AMD decided to evolve the Piledriver architecture, leading to some performance gains over the previous design, while giving overclockers more headroom to play with. Either way, I’m glad that AMD has given us something new to help pass the time until we get to see new architecture in 2016. Once again, I feel like AMD is living up to the teaser they gave us. Teasers are for big news and FX CPUs are big news! However, now is a good time for a disclaimer. I’m not saying that some of you won’t be disappointed if the FX-8370 is just a factory overclocked 8350, or that AMD hasn’t released a new socket yet. What I am saying is consider the whole picture. AMD did overhaul their engineering department recently and they’re dropping CMT. They went from no more FX chips, to not until 2016, to September 2014 for a refresh. For the level of changes AMD has gone through, this is very good news. Here’s hoping that motherboard manufactures have to release a Bios update for the 8370. Then we can really say a hero has evolved!

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    Default Re: Wait for it… A NEW FX CPU!!!

    Like to see some reviews of this new batch of AMD.

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