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Thread: TUNAI has the Perfect Solution to Axed Audio Ports

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    Default TUNAI has the Perfect Solution to Axed Audio Ports

    We don’t usually cover mobile devices here at PureOC. PCs are what really matter to us, but every once in a while a product solves a problem that seems like it would be really helpful to let you know about. Tunai released the Clip which looks like it’s bound to help phone users continue using their audio headsets even if their devices quit installing ports for them. The biggest issue with Bluetooth is that it compresses the audio signal, degrading the quality of the sound your headphones receive before you can even hear it. While I’m not an audio expert, Tunai seems to be doing everything they can to retain audio quality as much as possible. The Clip not only uses Bluetooth 4.0 which has higher bandwidth, but they also support several audio codecs, including A2DP. These are things that will help retain as much quality as possible when going over Bluetooth, based on my limited understanding. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal but after iPhone ditched their jack in the 7 and rumors are pointing to the Samsung Galaxy S8 doing the same, it’s nice to know that there’s an option that can help prevent buyers from having to ditch their high-end analog headphones with a phone upgrade. At $60, the price is a bit high but considering AirPods are $160, I think Tunai is giving us a pretty nice alternative. Check out the link below for more info and don’t worry, PC hardware isn’t going anywhere!

    Read the story in full here...

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    Default Re: TUNAI has the Perfect Solution to Axed Audio Ports

    *sounds like a good idea*

    BUT,,on a serious note. what the battery specs, mah? li-ion?li-po? ni-mh?
    nerds 4 the win bruh
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