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Thread: Wait! Ryzen is Going to be a Success!!!

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    Default Wait! Ryzen is Going to be a Success!!!

    We’re all biting our nails waiting for Ryzen to release, hoping that the worst doesn’t happen. Any leak that would give away the single-thread performance would go a long way to easing our minds, but I think I found the proof I needed and didn’t even put the pieces together until tonight. I’m going on a limb and saying that Ryzen is going to be a Success! Years ago, I wrote an article about Steamroller and CPU Benchmark. It was there that I saw that those cores would probably never make it to the FX series chips. I checked it out recently, saw some new stuff, and somehow didn’t put the pieces together right away. Did you know we already have an AM4 APU in the market right now? The AMD Pro A12-9800 is out and has a score on CPU Benchmark. Now, the A10-5800K released right at the same time as the FX-8350. As you’d expect, the 8350 has a tiny boost in single-thread performance over the 5800K. The A12-9800 is pushing a respectable 1900+ single-thread score! Is the puzzle starting to come together? This APU is still on the 28nm process and has a meager 2 MB L2 cache with no L3 cache. With Ryzen moving to a much smaller process, having much larger caches and an expected better architectural design, it’s no longer a stretch to believe this release is going to compete with Intel nicely. Did I just get excited? I certainly did! Tom Brady may have one the first Super Bowl that went into overtime, but I had more important things to do tonight. Seeing these numbers gives me a huge amount of confidence in what we are soon going to see and my only disappointment is that I didn’t put these pieces together sooner. The real question for me is can I wait out this anticipation without kicking the bucket first…

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