Back in October MSI unveiled the first motherboard of its high-anticipated Big Bang series – Trinergy, but the board turns out to be using NVIDIA’s nForce 200 SLI chip instead of the Lucid Hydra 200 as most of us expected.

Although we have to wait for a while before actually experiencing the Lucid chip on the upcoming Fuzion board, NF200 chip still brings us some benefits for now – it provides P55 motherboard with additional PCIe lanes and thus enables P55 motherboards to run in x16+x16 or x16+x8+x8 modes instead of x8+x8, x16+x4 or x8+x8+x4 modes.

What would happen if we build 2-way CrossFire or SLI setup by using Trinergy? How huge performance improvements it would bring over ordinary P55 platform? Read on to find the answer.
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