Hi everyone!

for my first post, I had a question, am I the only one receiving an alert trying to access https://www.zonealarm.co.uk or loggin in to my account, stating that their SSL certificate expired on last Mon. 03/03/2014? Other CheckPoint/ZA domains look fine, as far as I could check.

To give a bit of context, my landlady's TP-Link router was subjected to the DNS hijack attack last week, despite long troubleshooting, I could not solve the root of the issue so I chose to set default DNS to Phishing risks seem kept at bay so far, but I cannot trust my wifi/broadband until we burnt and replaced the router.

Being a dutiful paranoid geek and IT, I formatted my laptop and phone and dramatically increase security width and level, but I fear that the worm is still in the apple.

I always liked ZA products I was glad to pay for despite their aggressive marketing, now I need to re-install it all (and pay for the download extension because I moronicly lost the setup file), but I won't until I understood or solved this caveat.

Regarding the hijack itself, hardware reset did not work, there's no firmware update available and username and password were altered (default "admin/admin" were changed, perhaps maliciously).

Nothing indicates that the 2 issues are related, but the dates got me suspicious

Hackers hijack 300,000-plus wireless routers, make malicious changes | Ars Technica

Note that I have the same results if:

- From secured Firefox and unaltered regular IE11
- Connecting from my phone via mobile 3G and Chrome (never connected to wifi)
- Whether I use my ProXPN VPN or not (and regardless its output server, London, Amsterdam, Dallas etc)
- From work, on a heavily secured but unrestricted environment

Reports tend to confirm my assessment, but I am suprised not to find ANY comment on this on the web, especially Twitter:
Site check report for www.zonealarm.co.uk (Check Point Software Technologies Inc.)