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Thread: "Hound" Advice: Best wireless Routers

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    Default "Hound" Advice: Best wireless Routers

    Hey guys, I just started a new series called Hound Advice on my channel. I want to get some feedback and see how this is going. My first project was tackling Wireless routers and giving some general advice on that. Hope my info helps because I know it was pretty hard to find these conclusions when I was researching it!

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    Default Re: "Hound" Advice: Best wireless Routers

    I liked that as a presentation, full of useful info, and there is nothing like a personal experience to add to any review Thank you.

    Now let me take you to another place.... The world of build your own.

    Probably best described as the next level up in terms of routers, I built mine on a j1900 platform, put 8Gigs in it and a dual port intel NIC with the lan connected to a switch. My old ASUS AC1200 does duty as the wireless access point but you could consider something from say Ubiquiti for example. This is hugely overpowered for most usage.

    The software is Pfsense and has more settings than you would ever believe if you want to use them.

    I am very pleased with the performance but I am just throwing this in for anyone to consider, especially if you have particular requirements, beyond the abilities of normal retail routers, such as heavy throughput.
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