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Thread: please advice: avoid hacking and phishing

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    Default please advice: avoid hacking and phishing

    Hi all,

    My friend and I are planning to start a computer internet service with a small travel agency. I found a blog ( when I searched about the security precautions needed for our business. Need expert advice to secure our data and the credit card details by the hackers. Because as a travel agency we need to do all the money transactions online, so we have to secure our network. Does antivirus and firewall filter all these threats? If no, please advise what precautions we should take.


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    Default Re: please advice: avoid hacking and phishing this is the most common to trust for financial exchange.
    personaly i HATE them. and trust them as much as i trust a diseased radioactive starving vampire.

    paypal is a more affordable option, but they are also less secure. i dont like them much either.

    What is Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)? - Definition from
    there is a big red downlaod button there.
    do not click it.
    read that web page.
    part of fishing is getting someone to click.
    stopping a page from loading items is a basic first step to security.

    you can also stop visitors from uploading to your web site.
    visiting a page is an exchange.
    i take data, i give data.
    in any exchange you have to protect your self.

    there is to much to teach in one post, but those tiny bits of info should get you started in the right dirrection.

    this is an example of a web community that harvests data.
    there is hundreds of ways to learn from them on how to skim, phish, hack, harvest, and seed data with these people.
    it is also a good look at what you are trying to protect yourself from.

    again, there is to much to learn for me to post it all here.
    1) firewall YOU control, understand, and modify. if you cant understand what it's doing & how it's being done it's a false security.
    take that to heart.

    2) antivirus, a necessary evil, to much to explain

    3) secure transaction, if your exchanging finances secure it. period.
    learning is good .....understanding is better .....pleas teach with wisdom............................................ ..............calemus

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