Hey guys i got my Router fixed(All Ghetto (its running upside down)), and have been running it for the past week or so after realizing that Linksys are douches and don't show you how to set it up properly had no security on my wireless for 2 weeks, problem is now solved found how to bypass stupid linksys programs and get straight into router have everything set up properly no problemn connecting no dropouts all my wireless gadgets (3 Iphones, 1 DS, 1 PS3 and 1 laptop) and my two wired computers are all connecting fine.
I have noticed however, a significant speed drop in my browsing and download speeds. after running some speed tests i have found that i am running almost 60% slower when plugged into the router than a direct link to the modem is this normal?
Also These speeds are When all other things on network are off but my computer.
Specs are.
Linksys WRT320N Wireless N router 4xGigabit Ethernet
Modem SpeedStream 4200
All Ethernet cables are Cat-6 Patch cables.
Internet speed is 1500/256 (Yes Australia's internet is horrible)
Running through modem i get roughly 1340/180 due to distance to exchange etc.
Through the router i get about 600/110. download speeds are from 162kb/s to 60kb/s respectively.