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Thread: Advice anyone? GeForce 650m core clock frequency

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    Default Advice anyone? GeForce 650m core clock frequency

    I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 17r which includes the Nvidia GeForce 650m video card.

    I have a strange problem with the cards ability to go into its turbo mode.

    In gpuz, the frequency is read 745mhz with 825 turbo.

    The problem is, the card never reaches its turbo frequency unless:

    I hard reset the laptop by turning off, unplug the battery and power then plug back in again.

    Also, if I update the motherboard bios, turbo works again until another reboot later.

    I've been in contact with Dell about this matter and I'm sure they are trying to get rid of me by mentioning they don't endorse any 3rd party monitoring apps. But clearly this is a fault of the card/bios of the card because otherwise the turbo frequency wouldn't show, nor would it run at all.

    I've tried overclocking apps like afterburner and Nvidia tools, but they seem to only overclock the turbo frequency my card can't reach anyway.

    The Nvidia website quotes the core speed as 700 to 900mhz.

    Do I have a case with Dell about this or am I without rights?

    Thanks for any help you can give!.

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    Default Re: Advice anyone? GeForce 650m core clock frequency

    Have you tried going into the nVidia driver and setting the preferred graphics solution to the 650M? Apart from that it sounds like your motherboard for that laptop has a bit of a bug in it, presumably something to do with the BIOS if it's not keeping changed settings after a reboot. I'd say you have a case built, yeah. They should at LEAST be willing to help diagnose the problem, and should really expect their customers to be using some kind of hardware monitoring software, though I recommend not going into too much detail with them on that point since they CAN use that to just get you of the phone if they are feeling particularly lazy.

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