Hi there. I'm sure this question has come up some where before but i've not been so lucky as to find a thread containing the answer.

My question would be; is there anyone knowing of a driver capable of sending a front LR channel through one of my two audio jacks and sending a rear LR channel through the other---->??? or be interested in helping me in any other way (recommending alternative sites to post on or what not)

I have two audio jacks on the front of my computer sharing a single LR channel. As per customer service support at HP my laptop does not support surround 5.1 sound therefore I'm not able to designate 1 audio port as front LR and the other as rear LR. The customer support person directed me to a product from creative labs 'Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 sound card'.... some kind of USB key sound card thingy...

I don't like this answer for many reasons but the main reason is I DJ and am not wanting to purchase more hardware i need to lug about gig to gig..... but would like it if I'd be able to que music on my front speakers while the rear speakers continue to play tracks at the crowd and they don't have to hear the track I'm trying to que.

I am not a programmer or a person of any great knowledge of the computer world .... i do however have a sneeking suspision that my card is fully capable of producing what I'm looking for and for obvious reasons the manf. have disabled this feature or simple not written the drivers for vista or maybe any OS.

I realy appreciate your time and thanks for any help provided in fixing this issue... or just telling me i'm SOL and need the hardware

Again thanks .... Marshall

My stats are as follows:
Laptop: HP Pavilion dv2728ca
OS: Vista Home Premium - SP1
Processor: AMD Turion 64 x2 2.2GHz ?32 bit operating system?
Sound Card: 3D Sound Blaster Pro compatible sound 16 bit integrated
Driver: conexant high definition smartaudio 221