Whatís your take on Nvidia Ion so far?

To run multimedia you donít need a huge graphics chip. And thatís what those third-party decoder solutions will show in the marketplace. There are much more innovative ways to get multimedia capabilities that will continue to provide lower power and longer battery life. In terms of usages, netbooks are not meant for gaming. You can run Internet games fine today with the existing solutions. We believe (Ion) adds unnecessary additional cost and the other trade-offs make it less desirable. Our customers have the option to design netbooks how they want to but ultimately the market is going to
There are many things to do besides accelerate video. Flash content (which isn't truly GPU supported yet, but will next year), 3D modeling (good for quick edits and non-major work), games (yes people like games on netbooks), and other CUDA or OpenCL applications. Oh, and they are coming with Ion2 probably in Q1 2010, which is rumored to be at least twice the chipset it is now.

Intel's current Atom and Pinetrail platforms can't do ANY of the above. So who cares if it sips a little more power if it can actually be used for things other than checking email and opening a Word document