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Thread: Kingston HyperX 12 GB need some pro advice!

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    Default Kingston HyperX 12 GB need some pro advice!

    Hi everybody!

    I recentley overclocked my i7 950 to 4.1 GHZ.

    I quickly noticed that I get the most CPU performance with 21 x 195 BCLK ...that way I had the choice between 8 x and 10x RAM Mutli...therefor 1950 MHZ and 1560 MHZ RAM ...

    Me being an enthusiast I started with 1950 MHZ 8-8-8-20-1 Timings and 1.64 Vdimm and an Uncore of 3.9 with 1.33 VTT
    System was Prime stable that way ...and gave me the following max Bench results:

    Cinebench 11.5 : 7.15 points
    Vantage CPU without physx: 25.925
    MaxxMem2:17.70 GB/s and 41.1 Latency
    SuperPI: 5.29 s

    Then lately PC had a lot of BSOD and freezes so I decided to clock the RAM down to 1560 MHZ 7-7-7-20-1 1.60 Vdimm Uncore still 3.9 .
    After that I noticed Vantage only giving me 22.930 Graphics Point instead of the usual 23.123....and Cinebench and Vantage CPU Score also dropped ..So I tested a little and thought it was just the gap between 1950 and 1560 MHZ that dropped the graphics and rest a little bit ...but I was wrong ...I now set the timings to 8-8-8-20-1 with still 1.60 Vdimm and I got the same scores as with 1950 and the Physical Memory usage in taskmanager sunk from 14% to 10%...the only thing thats still little lower is MaxxMem : 17.12 GB/s and 45.2 Latency

    So I was always told for a fact that lower frequency with tighter timings beats higher frequency with higher timings.....but that canīt be the case with my system...please explain to me what happened .were the 1950 just not stable with the 8-8-8-20-1 timings? or maybe undervolted? or is it a 12 GB thing that the higher timings have such a great impact? so give me some answers on that matter and pl if possible tell me if there is even more I can do with the timings to enhance performance....I was thinking of removing 3 sticks for stabilty and better OC capabillity....

    Second question is about the uncore it ok if I leave it on 3.9 GHZ even if I only got my RAM running at 1560 MHZ?will it add performance or cause instabilty ?
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    Did you ever get this figured out? I think I'm running into a similiar issue.

    Also, what were your settings for you 950 OC?


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