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Thread: i5 memory controller issues

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    Default i5 memory controller issues

    hi people
    i'm trying to build my new pc and was thinking that i've decided what to buy and even started ordering when i realized it's not for this noob to do it - there are experienced people out there

    i was about to build something like this:
    asus sabertooth 55i
    i5 760
    chieftec cft 750 cs 14 full
    geil 2X2gb 2000mhz c9 - gu34gb2000c9c (on geil site the say "tested for i7 and p55 motherboards" for this particular model)
    gigabyte gtx 460 1gb
    in coolermaster 690 II advanced

    but i got stuck at ram
    now i'm overheating my cpu reconsidering if i can safely get these memory sticks or change to mushkin or something in that price range at 1600 mhz and voltage below 1.6 and try to overclock up to 2000 or so???
    the more important question is i5 memory controller with some kind of limitation at 1333mhz (or is it 2x1333 bcs it's ddr) and voltage at 1.65 (or vtt+0.5 according to some sources) volts per dimm
    so, can i conitnue with this and expect that memory will realy work at 2000mhz?
    anyone out there with similar thoughts?

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    you need to bump up your vcore if you wanna get your rams up to 2000mhz the higher you go the more strain you put on the mem controller. I was previously on 1.28v with 1600mhz rams and needed 1.31v with 2000mhz corsair dominators installed

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