I'm real new at O/C so that is my background. My system is a xfx 680i LT, Q6600 Corsair 6400 memory (rated 5-5-5-18), and sli 8800 GT cards.

I've been working on the FSB O/C and have a stable rig (over 15 hours on Prime95) with max temps around 58, and idle under 40. The FSB is 356 for a frequency of 3201 and a core voltage of 1.2500.

That's about all I understand so far from reading. The question is now memory. I have it set to Unlinked, and the frequency (default) in the bios is 800. The timings are also at the 5-5-5-18 (on auto).

The question is okay, now what. Do I now set the memory back to linked? And if so, what happens to the memory frequency?

If not, what are my next steps? As in what do I NEED to do, and what might I want to do?

I've noticed on a lot of the reviews on the Q6600 chip that they show memory frequencies like 427.3Mhz for my same set up on some of the test subjects.

Also in my Bios, there aren't any ratio settings. I can set the Memory frequency manually (individual numbers, not choices) and the default is 800 mhz (what my memory is supposed to be rated at I believe).

So what next?