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This is a very good point. I've been buying monitors and TVs from Costco for the past couple of years because they carry nice products at reasonable prices and they have a 90-day no questions asked return or exchange policy. Got my Samsung 27 inch monitor there for $309 a while back. It was $420 at Frys. The Samsung is now $279 at Costco and $389 at Frys. The thing with Costco is they often times have items in the store that aren't available on line so you have to go in and look around.

Irocing, you probably wouldn't want the Samsung I have because it is 1080p resolution, but it has 2ms response time and a great imagine. See: http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/m.../LS27A350HS/ZA. Don't know if Costco has it in stock down your way but you might want to check to see what they have.
Have most of those stores in the area and going to check on return policies and prices compared to online.

Always nice to buy local if the prices are close as to returns and problems.
Alot of times though, Don't carry items looking for but can order them and your right back where you started from.

Just wish had a Micro in the area but I guess East coast chain from what i gather.