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Thread: Do TN panels really suck? Especially for gaming?

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    Default Do TN panels really suck? Especially for gaming?

    I enjoy very bright and vivid color, I've found a couple 24" on Samsung (I'm aiming for 1920x1200), 400 candelas of brightness (perfect), below $400 (also good), but they are TN panels for the most part (I believe some are mixed). But reading around, I get the idea than TN panels are really sucky?

    How bad am I going to hurt for buying one?

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    Well, it sorta depends how visually discerning you are. I am a very visual person, I have used many monitors of every type, and I notice the difference between the different panels, refresh rates, etc. It's like wine........are you a casual drinker or a connoisseur?

    TN panels have fast response times and are generally good for gaming. But they are not very good for photo editing and such, the colour reproduction isn't as good as other panel types. But generally speaking, other panel types also have slower response times and aren't as good for gaming. Or, if they do, then they are VERY expensive. I have a TN panel right now beside an S-PVA panel as I type this, side by side. The S-PVA panel is superior in terms of richness and clarity. But it does have some ghosting when gaming, and I do notice it a bit. But if you had no basis for comparison then the TN panel might be fine, though I do notice a tendency for the TN panels to have more image tearing when gaming, and quite frankly that pisses me off. But like I said, I am VERY picky about my visuals, most people probably aren't quite as much.

    Essentially it comes down to what you can afford. Try to get the absolute best you can afford within a reasonable budget because your monitor will last a long time. If it means spending just a bit extra, then do it if it makes a difference. But if you're the type of person that's just happy with a big screen for gaming and can't really notice a huge difference with visuals in the world around you, then a TN would do fine.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking TN panels, I own 2 of them. But they aren't as nice as the higher-end panels, but then again those cost considerably more too. Like comparing apples and oranges

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