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Thread: Display Myths Shattered

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    Default Display Myths Shattered

    How Monitor & HDTV Companies Cook Their Specs

    Take everything you think you know about displays and throw it out the window. It's time for a clinic on what display specs really mean—brace yourself for the alarming truth

    Vision is our most amazing and complex sense, so it’s no surprise that display technology is so amazing and complicated. It’s also no surprise that most consumers don’t have a good understanding of how displays function, or the best way to select them, buy them, use them, and adjust them.
    Not only are displays getting more complicated and harder to understand, but the competition between manufacturers has gotten so brutal that marketing gimmicks—ploys that exploit the average consumer’s technical ignorance—are playing an increasing role in driving sales. The goal of this article is to point out and explain some of the most important myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings about display technology. Much of what you’re going to read is like the classic tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes. What you’ve been told about the latest and greatest thing really isn’t there, or better, or meaningful, or even visible.
    In the following pages, I’m going to discuss user controls, contrast ratios, pixel response time, and color gamut. These topics comprise just a portion of what a savvy consumer needs to know, so we’ll be addressing other confusing display topics in future issues of the magazine and on But for now, let’s just start our journey with what should be the best question to ask before buying a new display: “What are the most important manufacturer specs to compare?” Unfortunately, the answer is none, because they’re all exaggerated marketing specs rather than objective scientific specs. The only specs that are useful and meaningful are those in reviews that evaluate every display with the same consistent methodology—like the reviews in Maximum PC.
    Full Article here:

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    Now THAT guy knows what he's talking about. Read his bio.....Ph.D in theoretical physics from Princeton, AT&T investigator, TV designs. Nice.

    Did a great job of "dumbing down" the technology and then totally trashing companies that use marketing BS to fool consumers into thinking they're getting something better than they are.

    Great read!

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