Recently, Electronic Arts and Valve have been wrangling over digital distribution of EA-published games, as EA is currently making a big push to promote their rebranded Origin service. EA has even gone so far as to remove top-selling games Dragon Age II and Crysis 2 from Steam.

Today, Steam has once again been given the cold shoulder from EA, as the world's largest digital retailer does not have the rights to distribute Battlefield 3 digitally.
Without a doubt, Origin creates a rift between the two companies, which have frequently teamed up to bring Valve-developed games to retail. As much as Electronic Arts wants Origin to be a digital platform with EA exclusives, forcing 30 million active Steam users to pick up physical media or artificially abandon their gaming community for a new digital distribution service seems, at the very least, precipitous.
For a complete list of the official digital distributers of Battlefield 3, head over to through the source link below.