Very early on in development, we wanted to create a PC-specific version. We always had that planned. When the game changed hands from Activision to Square Enix, Square was incredibly supportive of the PC version and actually wanted us to do more with it,” O’Connell said. “It was at that point that we began to focus more resources on the PC version and it became what it is.”

Many developers outsource the work needed to create a PC version of their game, and that was the plan when Activision was publishing Sleeping Dogs, but United Front Games was able to keep the work internal due to the support of Square Enix.


Square Enix also did their part to spread word of the PC version of the game; as with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PC copies of the game were made available to press before the game’s launch, and many outlets (including PAR) reviewed the game on the PC. This is a rare thing when it comes to game reviews, and is even more evidence of Square Enix’s support of the PC as a gaming platform.
The PA Report - Sleeping Dogs proves that an unlikely champion of modern PC games is… Square Enix?