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Thread: Gabe confirms new Source Engine.

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    Default Gabe confirms new Source Engine.

    The big whig of Valve gets a clever surprise for his birthday, talks about inhouse projects and the state of the industry.

    The Voltron head of Valve, Gabe Newell, celebrated his birthday over the weekend with a visit from Included in the jubilous moment was a real-life Mann Co. crate, complete with a TF2 Soldier hat for the $1.5 billion (net worth) Harvard dropout.

    Post birthday present, Newell hung around and talked shop with everyone, prudently beginning the discourse with this statement: “So what do you want to know about, that’s not Half-Life 3?” Now that we have the not surprising bad news out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff shall we?!

    When asked about the rumors surrounding Valve Software’s new engine, Gabe, relaxed demeanor and all, had this to say, “We’ve been working on engine stuff for quite awhile, we’ve just been waiting for a game to roll it out with.” Does this mean it’s an entirely new engine? Unequivocally. This was followed with a confirmation that Ricochet 2 is in development.

    Additionally, Gabe Newell gave insight into the current trajectory of the gaming industry, noting that “the community generates about 10 times as much content for TF2 as Valve does.” And despite the “primitive” state of Team Fortress 2 and its populace, it serves as a step into the future state of all software. Newell’s expectation is that there will be a “framework where the community participates and builds on top of it.” According to Valve’s top man, this means the industry would head into a “surprisingly new direction,” but the results would merit satisfaction for everyone.

    One thing is certain, this is the future Valve is working towards. TF2 is just the tip of the iceberg. As for the “Source 2” engine, it’s coming, but which title will serve as the flagship software to tout its technical prowess? My money is on HL3, but a AAA title as big as HL requires, as we all have come to understand, time. Expect to see Ricochet 2 before the climactic conclusion of the beloved Half-Life series. In the meantime, keep your eyes on Valve cause sooner or later, the pipes have to give.

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    Default Re: Gabe confirms new Source Engine.

    Saw earlier. Absolute horrible quality video, but they didn't actually plan to get an interview, so weren't prepared. Pretty cool of Gabe to take the time.

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