NVIDIA Have today launched a closed beta, for the first 10,000 users, of GeForce Experience. GeForce Experience is a small tool (approx. 9mb) which runs in the background on a users PC and in a few simple clicks can optimise their gaming experience... balancing image quality and performance.
Why? Well NVIDIA feel there are a large number of users who leave their games on out of the box settings, happy with framerates but not necessarily getting the image quality they could. Take Call of Duty as an example, out of the box it doesnt quite live up to the console experience but run GFE and it has the potential to exceed the image quality of the XBOX 360 or PS3.
How does it work? NVIDIA have spent considerable time and resource, in conjunction with game developers, building profiles for key titles. To do this they identified the most demanding section of gameplay in each game and by checking the users GPU, CPU, Memory, Drivers and OS Geforce Experience sets the best balance of IQ while keeping framerates in the 40-60fps range.
NOTE: The tool does not favour options like PhysX... if a better experience can be had on Medium rather than High thats what the user will get for that option. A nice touch from NVIDIA.
Where? You can get GeForce Experience from the following link and the purpose of this beta phase is to get feedback on the tool, improving the profiles and overall success of the application.

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