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Thread: Indie PC Game Review: Why So Evil

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    Cool Indie PC Game Review: Why So Evil

    Review Summary:

    Why so evil is a puzzle game where you play as a cube to meet with another cube. Though you have to go through some very hard obstacles to do that and aims to be the hardest game out there.

    This is going to be my first brief PC game review here for, and instead of starting with a Triple A title I had the opportunity to start my game reviews (there will be more hopefully) with an indie title called “Why So Evil” which is developed by Zonitron Studios and published by Grab The Games, a well known community on Facebook that search outs the best deals available on games and do some awesome giveaways.

    Intro And Plot:

    A little bit about the developers, there seems to be only two active members in the team and Why So Evil is their very first game . Why So Evil is a puzzle game where you play as a Green Cube (don’t know why it reminds me of Green Lantern though I don’t even watch it) that must meet with the Blue Cube which is the objective (seems pretty easy right?) but there are a few obstacles between Green and the Blue cube that you must pass before you could reach the Blue Cube. Something I really liked about the game is the title for it is precisely accurate regarding the gameplay, Why So Evil!
    Full review : Indie PC Game Review: Why So Evil - Dragon Blogger Technology

    Here I'm still not able to get through level 31 :v though it's a smooth run to level 19 with 0 deaths mostly :3 Thoughts guys? And it also seems like my first post after quit a long time
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    Default Re: Indie PC Game Review: Why So Evil

    Nice write up. Will get better the more you do it. Keep it up
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