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Thread: Fps in arma 3 epoch

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    Default Fps in arma 3 epoch


    Having a hard time getting my framerates up when playing online with friends on epoch. I can play any other game online and get amazing frames, it just i suffer with arma, as with its predecessor.

    I tried lowering all the settings but its the same on high as it is on low. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling video driver. Ive turned off cpu parking on my other cores.

    Explain to me in lamens terms as i am not completely computer inclined. Here are my specs:

    Gtx 750ti with 1 gig dedicated

    Amd fx 6300 6 core

    Any help would be appreciated, im maxing out at 40fps sitting still and averaging 25-30.


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    Default Re: Fps in arma 3 epoch

    greetings and salutiotionz
    welcome to the pc nut club

    this is a general guide.
    if you are using a laptop, this does NOT include instruction for your extra programs
    for what ever reason laptop manufactures find it necessary to add a million extra programs to make your life miserable , and an otherwise exelent machine run like trash

    1st things are the OS (operating system) configuration, then maintenance

    start menue>control panel>programs and features>
    in the programs list if you see any installed tool bars DELEAT THEM.
    on the uper left side of the window you will find "Turn Windows features on or off"
    these need to have a check mark
    Media features
    Microsoft .Net Framework (ALL OF THEM)
    Print and Document services
    Remote differential Compression

    msconfig is a comand you enter in your "run" comand interface
    if you can not find the run comand,
    right click windows start button>start menue tab>customize button>3/4 down , make sure the "run" command has a check mark next to it>ok
    windows start button>run>msconfig..hit enter

    2nd tab on top=boot>advanced boot options>check mark on "number of processors"> chose max possable numer>ok
    3rd tab="services"> my dissabled list is...
    windows time
    system event notification sevice
    networkaccess protection agent
    offline files
    diagnostic services host
    diagnostic system host
    diagnostic ploicy service
    winhttp web proxy auto-disco..
    windows connect now-config...
    windows biometric service
    steam client service
    problem reports and solutions
    parental controls
    homegroup provider
    homegroup listener
    distributed link tracking client
    windows update
    windows remotee managment...
    windows media player networ....
    windows firewall
    windows defender
    windows cardspace
    tablet pc interface
    remote registry
    remote desktop services user...
    remote destop services
    remote desktop configuration
    remote access connection man....
    remote access auto connectio...
    Disk defragmenter
    Bluetooth suport service
    adaptave brightness

    3rd tab on top "startup"
    there should only EVER be very very few aloud in here to start whene your PC starts
    my sound system, alarm clock, a few security programs, and that is IT. nothing else.

    i recomend first a firewall
    if you do not know how to use a fire wall, or what it does i recomend "zonealarm" the free edition
    we, or i can walk you through each step of it's configuration
    if you are totaly into firewalls, i sugest outpost -Outpost Firewall Pro: The Essential Personal Firewallthere is also a free security suit from them, Outpost Security Suite FREE* The first Free Complete Internet Security Suite but i feel it leaves a lot to be desired. different topic, different time.

    that is what is called prevention
    virus protection, there is just to much to cover. i'm sure you can plug an answer in there, i'll move on.
    glarys utilities Glary Utilities - Free System Utilities to Clean Registry, Fix PC Errors, Protect Privacy | Glarysoft
    i can not say enough good about this product. but i also say be sure to block it's internet connection with your firewall.
    more on that later if requested.
    #1) use this also to view startup programs you would not normaly have access to, and yes i have a LIST for that to
    #2) use the disk defrag from this program. not the windows defrag.( never defrag a SSD)
    #3) use the 1 click tune up , but DO NOT let it erase your history, except for very specific point you chose.
    if you can not find out how to do that, UNclick tracks, history, and privacy

    IO Bit software is very good, but the tweeks and extensive amount of effort needed to make thier product worth using is not a novel i am willing to wright here.
    stay away from them for now.

    Cleaning up all of the mess
    you may not realize it, but after all of what you did so far , there is a LOT of clutter, and general mess on your hard disk
    i recomend using ccleaner
    ALWAYS do a backup/save whene cleaning the registry
    the program will give you the option at the final step of registry cleaning

    now that the machine has been optimized time to deal with steam
    be sure all of your steam items are set to "ONLY update this game whene i launch it"

    steam > library> right click on arma III>properties>General tab> set launch options>
    in here you need to add the comands found at this link
    obviously you need to chose wisly, and be very picky as to wahat you place in the magic little box.
    the magic little box will bring you happiness if you tell it the right things.
    or it will make you pull all of your hair out, if you tell it the wrong things.

    last but not least in game
    configure > video>
    disable PIP, Shadows, particals, cloud>HDR>dynamic lights
    yes, this will have an efect on how the game works. but this is the trade off between having 3 thousand dollars in computer hardware, with great gamming, or just a bum machine like mine, and be happy you can play at all
    learning is good .....understanding is better .....pleas teach with wisdom............................................ ..............calemus

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