The development of Metro 2033 is apparently making good progress and is supposed to hit the markets on March 16, 2010. A new trailer has been published recently.

Metro 2033: New horror shooter scheduled for March 16, 2010. (16) [Source: view picture gallery]
A new trailer of the forthcoming horror shooter Metro 2033 has been published. The video shows some in-game action scenes and confirms the release date of March 16, 2010. On this day the game will be published in North America and some parts of Europe while the other European countries follow on March 19, 2010.

Metro 2033 is developed by the Russian studio 4A Games which employs several programmers who had already been working on Stalker. The game will offer some DirectX 11 features like Hardware Tessellation for the characters as well as Nvidia's Physx.

Metro 2033: Background
The story of Metro 2033 takes place in the remains of Moscow's subway transport system. There the player is involved in a situation that probably will determine mankind's fate. In the year 2013 the world has been devastated by an apocalyptic catastrophe that killed a lot of people. As the 20 years old Artjom the player enters the world of Metro 2033 and has to face the dangers the underground has to offer.
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