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Thread: id Software: PC gaming is not on its deathbed

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    Default id Software: PC gaming is not on its deathbed

    Texas-based development studio id Software, creators of popular shooter franchises such as Doom and Quake, believe PC gaming is not on its deathbed.

    Studio President Todd Hollenshead recently told IGN he believes that given the popularity of Blizzard's World of Warcraft, along with PC technology significantly outpacing the hardware found in home consoles, PC gaming will continue to be a force in the industry.

    "Because of the great games you have coming out on the consoles, and for a period of time, the consoles were pretty competitive technically with the PC, it has receded in prominence," Hollenshead admitted during QuakeCon.

    "It's probably getting back to the point right now where technically on the PCs you're going to be able to start doing more and more things that you can't do on the consoles."

    "It's also hard to say PC gaming is dying when the biggest game franchise, World of Warcraft, is a PC game."

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