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Sorry for being so inactive recently but that should be resolved this January 2014. I have so many products i am working on and trying to keep active in the forums and groups but its getting overwhelming to be honest. Boss is adding other people to take some of the load off me but PureOC is mine i love it here. But then again if i cant handle the load and be active enough them i might pass it on as well to make sure you guys get all the info you need but there are no plans of that .

But i am here and in contact like we just did the Winter Giveaway etc with PureOC but i do apolagize for not being on as much as i would like to be.

Take Care Guys
We fully understand how busy you are, but dont forget to show us all the upcoming Primochill products Take it easy!

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I am always thinking of a new build. I have a new Msi mPower board & chip coming soon.
Oh you...