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Thread: Seasonic M12 700W Power Supply

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    Default Seasonic M12 700W Power Supply

    We take a look at (you've guessed it haven't you?) the Seasonic M12 700W power supply. I'll be testing it under multiple conditions with X1900 CrossFire and a high end Core 2 Duo setup (X6800).

    Read the full review here
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    Hello James and informative review!

    A great insightful review on a brilliant PSU.

    I have obtain one of these fantastic Seasonic highly rated (lovely modular cables) psu's.

    Also, I think that the entire range of Enermax Galaxy psu's are pretty special, too. Well done.

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    Hi, Thanks for the info, i just got one here, but found that there is one pin missing in the 24 pin conector.....not called seasonic yet


    ......fine......i got the answer now,but compare with the results in our forum, my m12 never have the +5 voltage above 5....always around it better to go over 5 ? i think i may do some research about this.....
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