As we all know, ATIís X1800 series was significantly delayed due to a logic gate bug, which meant the X1800 XT had a short life as ATIís flagship card. The X1900 series came just a few months later outperforming everything in its path and obviously dethroned the X1800 XT as ATIís high-end offering.

This is very good news for us though, as the X1800 XT has significantly dropped in price over a very short period of time. Just a few months ago this card would was priced at over £400, but now only costs roughly £250~£270. This is quite a bit cheaper than the 7800 GTX, and if you want to save a little money you can grab an X1800 XT 256MB for around £230.

I already know of many who are moving from 7800 GTís to X1800 XTís. Essentially what Iím saying is the X1800XT is a very interesting card now, much more interesting than when it was launched.

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