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    Re: Bitcoin now accepted at

    Great news! Aside from Xidax, I also heard to be the very first search engine and digital marketing company to accept bitcoin as an alternative payment option for their advertisers and...
  2. Re: Great questions regarding litecoin/bitcoin mining

    I agree with killjoyjim. You can mine using your GPU--it's really profitable. The mining that we are talking about here is through computers. Bitcoin is being mined not printed. You will earn thru...
  3. Re: Here are some great bitcoin origin links

    Good notes. It was in BitcoinDaily wherein I found out that bitcoin was first mentioned in a cypherpunk mailing list in 1998 by Wei Dai. However, it was “Satoshi Nakamoto” who made a detailed...
  4. Re: Silk Road 2.0 hacked, bitcoins worth $2.7 stolen: Report

    The 'transaction malleability' bug is the technical reason why Mt. Gox decided to halt withdrawals. But don't worry; Mt. Gox is set to restart bitcoin withdrawals soon. BTW, bitcoin price is up 5% to...
  5. Re: will accept Bitcoins as payment in the second half of next year

    There are currently 10,000 merchant accounts this year. No surprise that BTC will be the ideal universal currency in the future.
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