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  1. DeepCool Captain Pro and Castle 360 CPU Coolers Look Amazing! CES 2019

    Still One of My Favorites I’ve seen a lot of great improvements to closed-loop coolers (CLC) in recent years. In spite of all the options, the DeepCool Captain series is one of the best looking...
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    Viper RGB M.2 NVMe Makes Debut! CES 2019

    It’s About Time! NVMe drives have been around for quite some time. The speeds are phenomenal, but they originally needed a PCIe slot to work. Eventually the M.2 form factor came to NVMe, making...
  3. ViewSonic M1+ Projector, Portable as Nintendo Switch! CES 2019

    Co-op Anytime, Any Place! Who knew I would be playing Mario Kart while at Dinner with ViewSonic? The M1+ is the latest in go-anywhere projectors from the company. Due to it’s ultra-portable design,...
  4. Enermax Saberay ADV Case and More from CES 2019

    Saberay ADV and White Enermax came to CES 2019 with the objective to impress. When it came to new releases, I don’t think anyone really topped what I saw in their showroom. I’d give AMD a tie due to...
  5. Corsair Announces Most Powerful SFX PSU, CES 2019

    750W Platinum SFX PSU Yes, you read that correctly. Somehow, Corsair managed to cram 750 watts into an SFX PSU. Not only that, but the unit is also platinum rated. I got the chance to stumble across...
  6. SilverStone Raven Perfects Airflow and Display, CES 2019

    Raven Revolutionizes Airflow If you build a custom water cooled PC, airflow isn’t a huge concern. As long as you have enough radiators, chances are your components will stay nice and cool. If you...
  7. Thermaltake WaterRam Brings Water Cooling to DDR4, CES 2019

    Performance or Looks? WaterRam screams overclocking. If you heard the news of water cooling coming to DDR4 memory, then you no doubt thought crazy performance was incoming. On a cooling level, the...
  8. EVGA Nu Audio is my Best Audio Experience Ever, CES 2019

    When Sound isn’t Enough Loud will never impress me if it isn’t quality too. Apparently, EVGA has the same philosophy. Even though graphics cards are what we’ve come to expect, the company surprised...
  9. Nvidia Ray Tracing is Great for Gaming, IMHO CES 2019

    In My Humble Opinion I see a fair share of collective groans when Nvidia announces a proprietary feature. The RTX series of cards introduced DLSS, as well as Ray Tracing. Even though the company has...
  10. Wooting Partners with Seasonic, Shows Analog Keyboard at CES 2019

    An Interesting Partnership Innovation can be met with harsh resistance. You can just ask me about the responses I’ve gotten when I’ve reviewed the RBT. While Wooting seems to have a favorable public...
  11. ModMyMods for help with Custom PC Building, CES 2019

    You Can Learn to Do it Too! Learning to build a custom PC can be daunting to newcomers. Taking it to the level of modding components can feel overwhelming. That’s where ModMyMods comes into the...
  12. Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor Revealed at CES 2019

    Two Amazing Features for the Raptor Razer really went all out with their Raptor Gaming Monitor. Even though they could have sold the product on branding alone, they decided to put some features that...
  13. E-Win Racing Flash XL Series Gaming Chair Review

    What’s in the Box? E-Win allowed me to pick my poison and I decided to test out the pricier end of the spectrum. The E-Win Flash XL struck me as the pinnacle of what the company had to offer. Is it...
  14. Alphacool Shows Eisbaer, Eisblock, Eisball at CES 2019

    Eisbaer for High End AIO CPU Cooling CES 2019 was a great time, but nothing says custom PCs like liquid cooling. We got the chance to see what Alphcool was announcing. For starters, we have the...
  15. Azultec Announces Powerful Cloud Rendering Station at CES 2019

    Completely Liquid Cooled Heat is an important factor for rendering or mining stations. When you stick 8 graphics cards in a single system, you’re going to generate a lot of heat. Azultec is...
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    Viewsonic XG3220 Gaming Monitor Review

    Refresh vs. Resolution Companies love bragging about 4k resolution and I don’t exactly know why. Sure, more pixels should equate to a better image, but the eye can only see so much. Regardless of how...
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    Viper RGB DDR4 RAM Review

    The Eyes Stare Into Your Soul Highest speeds in DDR4 RAM does little to impact overall system performance. There are so many kits that perform great, that it can be really hard to make a solid...
  18. Enermax LIQTech TR4 II CPU Cooler Review

    Can We AM4 it? The Enermax LIQTech TR4 II is meant for AMD’s monster chip. The huge heat spreader on Threadripper can dwarf the contact plate on many CPU coolers. On the other hand, I wonder if the...
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    Reeven Ouranos CPU Cooler Review

    About That Yellow Though There is so much going on in the CPU cooler world. Many companies are doing everything they can to stand out, which leads to questionable decisions. In the case of the Reeven...
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    Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Cooler Review

    What’s a Mugen? The term Mugen is completely new to me. There could be infinite possibilities for what it means, but you came for a CPU cooler review. While I had at least heard of Scythe, the...
  21. Lamptron CP530 Intelligent Fan Controller Review

    The Smart One! We all hated that smart kid in the class who always had the answers! (Truth be told, I was kinda that kid.) Well, I’m sure all the other Lamptron products are sick of how smart the...
  22. Lamptron CE420 Fan & RGB Controller Review

    No Software Here Addressable RGB is taking the world by storm. As a result, many companies have come up with complete systems for lighting customization. Motherboards have software, but products have...
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    Patriot Trinity USB Flash Drive Review

    Not the Tomb Raider One You might have been thinking of the evil corporation in conflict with the Crofts. While we’re not talking about that Trinity, the device is far more versatile than the initial...
  24. Dream Machines DM1 FPS Gaming Mouse Review

    DM1 FPS On the Surface The first thing you’ll notice about the DM1 FPS is that there is no spectacle. Nothing inherently screams, “Look at me! I’m clearly for hardcore gamers.” Gaming mice scarcely...
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    NZXT E850 Digital Monitoring PSU Review

    It’s Been a Long Time NZXT used to be a familiar name in the PSU world. Even though the company was, and still is known for cases, the Hale series stirred up some attention. That was quite a few...
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