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  1. Re: Nixeus MODA v2 Mechanical Keyboard - Press Release

    Thank you. They are honestly as reliable as cherry. We rarely had any problems or RMAs regarding the switches. They have been holding up great. We have gotten back almost no RMAs for our previous...
  2. Nixeus MODA v2 Mechanical Keyboard - Press Release

    For Immediate Release
    Nixeus Revamps the MODA Mechanical Keyboard

    Indulge in the ultimate typing experience with The Nixeus MODA v2 mechanical keyboard

    Los Angeles, CA June 2015 Nixeus...
  3. Nixeus Arc 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker - Press Release

    Nixeus Revitalizes Portable Bluetooth Audio

    The Nixeus ARC 4.0 Bluetooth speaker aiming to bridge the gap between affordability and high fidelity

    July 21, 2015 - BALDWIN PARK, Calif. -- Nixeus...
  4. Re: Nixeus 24" 144hz Freesync Monitor - Press Release

    Hi Kenny,

    Nice to meet you. And i will definitely say hi to them for you. Thank you for the info.
  5. Nixeus 24" 144hz Freesync Monitor - Press Release

    This Press Release is a little old, but i thought i would post it up just to fill up a little in this section.
    Pictures can be found on the site:Nixeus Vue 24" - Nixeus

    Nixeus Technology unveils...
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    Re: Welcome Nixeus to PureOC.

    Thank you guys very much. I will be posting news and will be gladly helping people who are in need of assistance with our product
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    Re: No bezel monitors?

    if you are down to do some DIY. you can debezel monitors yourself. The Official Debezelled Monitor Club!
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