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    Re: Xbox One Privacy Cover for Kinect.

    Just assume they are. Better to be safe than sorry. Thing is if they turned it on with something on their end they could still pick up audio.
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    Re: Gtx 1080 Ti Fe - temp limit issue on stock

    I had the GTX 1080 Ti FE not long ago and facts are blower cards are going to run hot. Even if with no overclock the video card was damn powerful. It made 4K gaming a reality for me Stupidly I...
  3. Re: AMD Ryzen 2700X Overclocking, a Giant Question Mark

    Do you run it with an AIO water cooler? If so what do you use?
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    Re: Spyro the Dragon Remaster All but Confirmed

    Honestly I am old and I don't even remember much about that game series. I will also say many remasters are not what they should be so don't get your hopes up too high for it to be good.
  5. Re: Far Cry 5 and Radeon CrossFireX Scaling Review

    Until they make frame rate gains better for way more games no way I go SLI unless I had loads of money to just blow. I don't play the lottery so that will not happen. One game showing good CrossFire...
  6. Re: AMD Ryzen 2700X Overclocking, a Giant Question Mark

    I think it is now official that these are not good overclockers at all. Honestly though for me despite overclocking at times after buying overclockable cpus I didn't find I need the extra horse...
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    Re: Hello from Germany

    Hello RonStein. Hopefully we can get more people into this community and make it more active. It really is a nice looking site that seemed to always have helpful and polite people in it. We need...
  8. Re: Want to sell my Ryzen 1700 and get a 8700k. Is it stupid/greedy? Or is it OK?

    OP if you are playing at 4K it is all about graphics cards power and not the cpu. Even with a GTX 1080 Ti in the future you will just be looking to upgrade the video card.
  9. Thread: Hello All

    by DeViLzzz

    Re: Hello All

    I was dragged back in here by some spam response to a post I made in the Sandy Bridge OCing section. Funny thing is I am still using the same setup. : ) No reason to upgrade. Well actually I did...
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    Re: FInally hit 5Ghz on a FX-6300

    I was pretty much asking for the hate as it is stupid for me to have aftermarket coolers and no overclocks on the pcs right now. LOL! Btw not sure I mentioned my OCs in this thread but I think I...
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    Re: FInally hit 5Ghz on a FX-6300

    Ok guys my son's AMD FX 6300 was put back to stock even though it has an aftermarket cooler on it. So who is going to berate me for that? I had both of the pcs here overclocked pretty good but...
  12. Re: Windows 7 64 bit install hard drive gone from bad to worse.

    Eh maybe in the future I will try once again to install an OS to a 3 TB drive and btw with all the problems I was having last night I found out that one factor that made things even more complicated...
  13. Re: Windows 7 64 bit install hard drive gone from bad to worse.

    Thanks for this information. However for various reasons it would not have helped me in my situation. Anyway I am just glad I got the problem resolved and really from now on I am going to just make...
  14. Re: Windows 7 64 bit install hard drive gone from bad to worse.

    Update: After much misery and grief I decided to pull an old 160 or 120 GB Western Digital hard drive from the old dual core rig I have. With a dual core and a 9800 GT it wasn't being used for...
  15. Re: Windows 7 64 bit install hard drive gone from bad to worse.

    I did not try that but don't you end up need a floppy disk or USB memory stick to do that? I don't have either available to me at this moment.
  16. Re: Windows 7 64 bit install hard drive gone from bad to worse.

    This is just so frustrating. I found out btw supposedly the pc receiving the hard drive has Dual UEFI BIOS.

    The components in the pc are:

    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
    AMD FX 6300
    GTX 760
    8 GB of ram...
  17. Windows 7 64 bit install hard drive gone from bad to worse

    Ok before when booting up the computer I am using to install Windows 7 64 bit to a certain hard drive well it showed all 3 drives but now it is only showing 2. I have a 3 TB hard drive that I know...
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    Re: Opera 12 refugee seeks new Browser

    OP make sure you use Google Chrome because they wantz to data mine all ur stuffs.
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    Re: Which anti virus for win 10?

    Don't download stupid stuff and then you need nothing or next to nothing. In an emergency use Spybot and Ad-Aware and just use the free versions as that may be all you likely need.
  20. Re: Lian Li Announces The CB-01 CPU Water Cooling Block In The US

    If this is as good as the quality of Lian-Li's cases then this should be a winner.
  21. Re: Why I think AMD is Turning it Around, and its not the Reason Youd Expect

    Considering I named my daughter after AMD I would like to see them make a bigger splash in the marketplace and get back to producing cpus that are really competitive with Intel stuff. As for their...
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    Re: Random Thoughts.

    calemus gets me back on the message boards here for a moment but I don't know what I want to say so I will say nothing.
  23. Re: AMD "ZEN" Next Generation High Performance X86 Core

    AMD making a comeback? I hope so considering I named my daughter after them. Also it might be a good time to get some shares at a low price and make a few bucks off this if they get it right and...
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    Re: The DEFINE family gets a new addition.

    I scoff at Fractal Design cases quite often but this video showing the benefits the way it did intrigued me. Now let me say though that as a gamer I prefer a flashier look to the entire case but I...
  25. Re: Compare DirectX 12, Mantle and DirectX 11 with new 3DMark test

    I am really interested to see if DirectX 12 is going to allow us to combine the memory from each card in SLI or Crossfire like has been mentioned in some articles. I also am happy to hear that older...
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