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    Re: This is the reason you don't buy Asus

    If i were you, i'd talk to another person and see if the info is the same. Could be a guy not wanting to do his job. But thats just me :shrug:
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    FS: Blue Yeti Pro /w Accessories

    Selling my Blue Yeti Pro with accessories for $200 + shipping, used for 1.5 years, XLR cable not included Not selling items individually.
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    Re: Wjhere are the other users?

    Yeah I've been lurking the forums for a few years now, but only coming out of the shadows whenever something important has to be said. :D
  4. Re: Winter Givewaway 2014 Grand Prize Winner Annoucment!

    Congratz to all the winners in the last giveaway. Alot of awesome prizes have been won and excited to see what the next Huge Giveaway will have to offer.
  5. Sticky: Re: Sweet prizes!! Post your links to great contests here!!

    Win a Razer Chrome setup! Community End of Year Giveaway
  6. Re: PureOverclock Winter GiveAway 2014 Week 4 Grand Prize!!

    The link in the original post doesnt load a page, had to access the giveaway manually through the PureOC website. When clicking on the link, i get this address ...
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    Re: PureOverclock Winter GiveAway 2014 Week 3

    Some really great prizes in Week 3! Good luck to anyone that enters and make sure to spread the word about PureOC!
  8. Thread: Steam Sale

    by Bilehazard

    Re: Steam Sale

    I've already got most of the popular games that are on sale. There are a handful i'd like to grab, but might wait for the next big sale to grab them since i'd be wasting my money anyways. Have 334...
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    Re: Week 2 Winter Giveaway 2014 Winners!!!!

    Congratz to everyone who won something in Week 2!
  10. Sticky: Re: Sweet prizes!! Post your links to great contests here!!

    Win an Asus ROG Laptop from Crucial Crucial Memory: Win a ASUS ROG Laptop!
  11. Sticky: Re: Sweet prizes!! Post your links to great contests here!!

    Origin Custom-Built Battlepack PC Giveaway Splurgy - Origin Custom-Built Battlepack PC Giveaway
  12. Sticky: Re: Sweet prizes!! Post your links to great contests here!!

    LootCrate Giveaway for a DXRacer Gaming Chair
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    Re: PureOverclock Winter GiveAway 2014 Week 2

    Good luck to every who enters. May the odds be ever in your favor!
  14. Sticky: Re: Sweet prizes!! Post your links to great contests here!!

    Console Madness Giveaway: Free PS4, Destiny Ghost Edition, much more
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    Re: Week 1 Winter Giveaway 2014 Winners!!!!

    Gratz to the winners! Great early xmas presents :D
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    Re: PureOverclock Winter GiveAway 2014 Week 1

    Done and done, good luck to everyone that enters!
  17. Re: PureOverclock's Annual Winter Giveaway 2014!

    This should be an exciting year once again. Thank you PureOC for hosting another fantastic giveaway!
  18. Re: Metro Last Light - Beautiful "Slideshow"

    You should be able to edit the .ini file for the game located /SteamApps/common/Metro Last Light/ and see if being able to adjust things further down, may help with performance some more.
  19. Re: PUreOC and NZXT FaceBook Giveaway 4-1 to 4-15-14

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, maybe i can use this in a future build hopefully. Good Luck Everyone!
  20. Re: The Story of Steamroller, CPU Benchmark, and FX

    Yeah would be nice if AMD could create a new CPU architecture that could run up against Intels current i7 procs. But then again, if AMD comes out with something that surpassed in performance/lower...
  21. Re: Valve shows off 13 Steam Machines with all the prices and specs

    Yeah im good, might as well stick with regular PC gaming, prices wont appeal much to people who want a cheaper alternative like the PS4 and XboxOne. Or for people who already use a regular desktop...
  22. Re: DERP takes down EA login, Origin is not working at all

    They're actually taking down alot of major game companies servers and networks. Just stupid how they're posting it on twitter. But i guess it shows these companies that its apparently pretty easy to...
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    Re: Satechi 10-Port USB hub

    This would prob come in handy if your restricted to a laptop or something, like in my case, i dont have enough ports to hook up all my USB devices all at the same time, have to keep unplugging stuff...
  24. Re: Nintendo Pres. PS4/Xbox1 game line up "meh"

    Watch Dogs and really excited for Tom Clancy's: The Division, other then that not much im wanting to play as far as on consoles is concerned. Anything cheap on Steam will suffice for me.
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    Re: Merry Chrismas to all

    Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all as well!
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