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    Re: Lots of Rats in the House. What to do?

    Not sure that sealing will work as there will always be some tiny holes left through which rats and mice will be able to easily get to his house. As for traps. I would like to avoid killing them....
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    Re: What will you do during the next lockdown?

    Playing computer games is one of the most popular options nowadays, true :)
    But I prefer to do something more useful like reading or taking up new hobbies :)
  3. Thread: where to buy

    by Darude

    Re: where to buy

    It can be googled easily I guess.
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    How to cope with dungeon runs in WoW?

    Hi gamers! :roll:
    Any ideas? In Battle for Azeroth dungeons are a vital part of character progression. But I experience huge problems with that :( have spent tons of time on that :unsure:
  5. Re: Online purchases while playing games. Your attitude?

    Hi there dude! Got a notification on my mail from you :) What made me change my point of view? Actually it was simple :) I just played a couple of games using boosters and I liked it. I didn't have...
  6. Re: Online purchases while playing games. Your attitude?

    I used to think bad about such people ho waste their money on different gaming stuff but when after I turned a gamer myself I changed my point of view :afro:
  7. When you are going somewhere on a holiday how you choose a TO?

    Hi guys!
    This April my colleagues and I are heading off to Tanzania. Never been there before so plan to go via a tour operator to be on a safe side. There are lots of them on the web but how to...
  8. Re: If you could live anywhere what would be your pick?

    I guess it's Spain ) I like the worldview of the locals, their language, landscapes. Apartments by the sea cost lower than in LA (where I'm currrently living) but they are much much better in every...
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    Re: phones privacy and need

    Same here ) 5G inherited lots of vulnerabilities after 3G and 4G networks. If to take into account that IoT will be built upon 5G that makes me scared! Have a look at this article written by a...
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