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    Sticky: 4 Ghz

    I also use the Asus rampage extreme II motherboard.......i am setting up a new system though next week as soon as parts get in from New Egg ,i use core i7 920 processors in both systems overclocked...
  2. Oc

    OK I tried to run OCCT but my processor got too hot......I finally found something that works though .........not to run at 4.2 Ghz but to run at 4 Ghz.......i have BLCK at 190 , turbo and speed on...
  3. rampage mobo

    i will post pictures soon but you will laugh... I am a artist and I have 12 cathode tube lights and 10 of the 11 fans have cathode UV rings.......all of my wires are sleaved in UV reflective...
  4. rampage mobo

    I have turbo on and speedstep on but HT off.....i have Cpu raio at auto...blk at 200..uncore at 3200 and dram freq at cpu voltage is 1.45 dram bus at 1.65 and qpi /dram at cpu...
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    Sticky: new to overclockers

    I am using a core i7 920 with a Asus Rampage extreme MB in a big Mountain Mod U2UFO1203 diamond top case using just air(11 fans)....i have dual 300 gig velociraptors in raid 0 and a pair of caviar 1...
  6. overclocking core i 7 with Asus Rampage extreme II motherbard

    I am presently running my 920 core i 7 at 4.0 Ghz on air but i would love to get it to run 4.2 Ghz , if there is anyone with suggestions please respond........I am running a Mountain Mod Ufo case...
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