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    Duo or Quad Core CPU

    I am debating about which is better for my usage, Duo or Quad core. I am leaning towards the duo processor, because I don't think that I will get the performance I want out of it, since I play WOW a...
  2. My budget is roughly $1000. I have looked at the...

    My budget is roughly $1000. I have looked at the X38, and I think that I will go with it, and I might tweak a few other things too. I'll post later when I figure out what exactly I am thinking now.
  3. Building a new computer and would like some input...

    Ok, I am a fairly computer literate person, and I am looking to build myself a new computer. Currently I have a Dell Dimension E310 that I picked up 1/2 off for a cheap computer, but now I want a...
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