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    Re: Powercolor AXR9 280X Turbo Duo

    lol damn right it's a good deal. That's the price of a GTX 760 or a nice 270X. I actually almost went with a reference design GTX 760 because of their good SLI scaling (and the fact that 270X's...
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    Re: Powercolor AXR9 280X Turbo Duo

    That card was 240 bucks x-D.
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    Powercolor AXR9 280X Turbo Duo

    So does anyone know anything about Newegg's Open Box products in terms of their use before being resold? 'cause I just pulled the trigger on this: - Open Box: PowerColor TurboDuo AXR9...
  4. Re: I figured this may interest a few of you

    Insane... I can't even fathom tech of that "simple" a design selling for that damn much.
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    Re: SilverStone PS10 Case Review

    This would make a pretty decent ATX HTPC/Workstation case for people on a lower budget. The fact that it even allows you to operate with a 240mm radiator in the roof is pretty stout for that price...
  6. Sneak peek at MSI's next gen Gaming motherboard design

    I just caught this thread over at gotta say I LOVE the way these new boards look (I HATE black/red and I STILL love these boards)

    Overclock3D :: Article :: MSI's Next Generation...
  7. Re: ECS KBN-I/5200 AMD A6-5200 Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

    Huh... I wasn't really expecting to see any redeeming qualities with this board but I stand corrected. I bet this thing would work decently for a Steam Machine as well. Nice review Kenny, touches...
  8. If you have the cash for it, get this R9 290!

    I have no idea how long a deal like this can last. This is the EXACT card that I want... but since I still can't afford it I may as well keep you guys informed on it: Open Box Powercolor PCS+ AXR9...
  9. Re: Biostar A88W Hi-Fi 3D ATX Motherboard Review

    Well you can avoid naming the specific fixes all you want, but when even a company like Asus releases as many as EIGHT BIOS revision for the A88X PRO board shortly after the release of Kaveri under...
  10. Re: Biostar A88W Hi-Fi 3D ATX Motherboard Review

    Since the release of this board and the review there has been another BIOS revision released, but nothing was mentioned about stability concerns or anything remotely related to the issues we...
  11. Re: PUreOC and NZXT FaceBook Giveaway 4-1 to 4-15-14

    Yeah great giveaway! Heck I'd use this in my girlfriend's build just for the sake of being able to cool everything in her rig without needing to use a fully custom loop!
  12. Re: Func MS-3 Revision 2 Gaming Mouse Review

    Nice review. Really like the design they used for that mouse, looks very comfortable.
  13. Re: Corsair Expands PC Case Line with a Trio of Carbide Series SPEC Gaming Cases

    lol for what they're charging I can see why the design is... shall we say... fu***** hideous x-D... however the price point and the offset fan holes in the roof intrigue me... I wonder if they are...
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    Re: AMD's R9 295x2 details

    I need one of these... to live...
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    Re: Cougar MX300 Case review

    Good review there. While it DEFINITELY improves upon the "gamer" feel they wanted with the MX500... why... OH WHY... put the window in front of the damn HDD cages? Raise your hands if you'd rather...
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    Re: Fatality killer??

    Wow... at stock it's shooting your chip over 2V intermittently!? That's haggard man :-/. First thing's first: I would definitely try to re-seat your X60 and see if that helps get the temps under...
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    Re: Fatality killer??

    mmmm... that cooler should be able to cope with the heat generated from that CPU... I would try re-seating the cooler and see if the temps improve. Also try utilizing the following application...
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    Re: Fatality killer??

    So were you attempting to use the 9590 on the 990FX Extreme3? I seriously doubt that that motherboard was designed to run those chips at all, let alone to overclock them. Not strong enough MOSFET's...
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    Folding from your Android device

    I F****** Love Science just posted a thread on facebook regarding an app that is available either through the Google Play store or through the Samsung app store. It is completely free to use, and...
  20. Re: Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini-ITX Case Review

    Yeah that would be pretty sweet. I got a few idears floating around in my head for it myself, JUST in case I manage to get my hands on one for a build.
  21. Re: Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini-ITX Case Review

    Nice review Kenny. I immediately started vomiting rainbows the first time I saw this... it's so damn tiny! I would actually like to do a mod with this in white... oh sweet Jesus if they made this...
  22. Re: Antec Announces New Availability of HCP 1300 PSU

    Wonder how good the PSU will turn out to be... never used an Antec PSU but I see enough people using them that they can't be all that terrible. Still I'm concerned that this unit shipped to emerging...
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    Re: Pump/Res question

    Interesting suggestions guys, thanks for the input!

    ... now it's all a matter of finding the money for the loop, case... and a new card... LOL so expect to see this go up in MAYBE two years...
  24. Re: SAPPHIRE to use 8GB of RAM on its upcoming Radeon R9 290X VAPOR-X GPU

    Yeah that's a thing of beauty if that is, in fact, what it's going to look like. Plus... dat VRAM... so huge! LOL I see that card being a VERY niche product... also impossible to get your hands...
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    Re: Need some advice

    Really either way you go you can't go wrong. There might be a few 100 MHz or so extra you could get out of the H100i when overclocking, but if your 4670K is a bust at overclocking then it won't...
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