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  1. Re: Here are some great bitcoin origin links

    I guess that buying ripple is a waste of money because there are no reasons for this coin to cost a lot of money. The developers say that ripple is most likely to be used by banks but banks may use...
  2. Re: What will you do during the next lockdown?

    I will start ;)
    As a rule when I have free time I read a great number of books (mostly detective stories), listen different kinds of music, watch different films, catroons, comedy series (like...
  3. What will you do during the next lockdown?

    Hi guys! B)
    Some people say that we are definitely going to have another lockdown in a couple of weeks or even earlier. So my question is about what to do during self-isolation? Your suggestions?
  4. Re: Host-based and cloud-based web app firewalls. What are their advantages compared?

    Hi De la Pena!
    Here is an article about web app firewalls in general but it covers the difference between...
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    Re: Pc cleaner pro

    There is a very good program Win 10 Tweaker. For that purposes I strongly recommend it. It is nice and costs only 5$.
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