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    Re: Crucial Memory and SSD Giveaway

    crucial products are one of the most reliable in the market, no one can argue if i would say Crucial SSD's are the best in the market you should get those because they really are amazing. thats why i...
  2. Re: Pure OC's Grand Prize Giveaway starts next week !

    i really need a new computer! please! oh please! PUREOC be my santa, be the one who gave a guy a tool that he needs to do his job properly, be the one who gave hope to a guy that his not alone! i...
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    Re: VisionTek SSD Giveaway

    with fast evolving technology, you can guarantee that visiontek products are in par with the other companies. all of their products are developed and produced with the community in mind. THANK YOU...
  4. Re: Week 10 of Pure OC's Summer Giveaway , Sponsored by XSPC

    liked the pages months ago, when i was looking for water cooling parts, it would be my first water cooling build and with XSPC they do a water cooling kit that is easy to understand, to install, and...
  5. Re: Week 7 Of Pure OC's Summer Giveaway Sponsored by Verbatim

    one of the 120GB's will be enough for my gaming rig that i'm building :D it's to cut cost really, it's getting expensive hahah..... BTW Thanks PURE OC and Verbatim!
  6. Re: Week 6 of Pure OC's Summer Giveaway Sponsored By NZXT !

    i love nzxt because, they have the best minds in manufacturing cases, cables, all their products! they don't only give performance to their products they give elegance to what they are selling to...
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