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Thread: My Confusing Graphics Card Overclocking Experience

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    Default My Confusing Graphics Card Overclocking Experience

    When I first built my computer with this graphics card: . I downloaded MSI After Burner right away. The voltage slider is greyed out. But I swear I remember the power slider would go to 120%. I recently decided to start overclocking. I found out you have to edit this config file for unofficial overclocking. I did that, but I noticed no change. I installed EVGA Precision X, but with it, the power limit would not go past 102%. I also noticed Precision would let me increase the voltage by +12mv. I tried that but it did not seem to have any effect on the voltage. Since installing Precision, I noticed After Burner would no longer show GPU usage and would stay at 0% all the time. So I uninstalled Precision. Then I noticed after burner would only let me go to 102% power now too. I read online that old versions of Precision work better for voltage control for some reason. My card was running at a voltage of 0.850v / 0.877v. But the voltage slider in the old version of Precision ranged for 0.975v to 1.150v. I tried setting it to 0.975v and HWMoniter registered the change.

    So many things about this experience don't make sense to me.
    Why did the power limit % change from a maximum of 120% to just 102%? How can I get it back?
    Why do all the programs have different voltage options? Why will Precision 2 change voltage, but not Precision 4 (lastest)?
    None of this makes any sense. Could someone clear this up please?

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    Default Re: My Confusing Graphics Card Overclocking Experience

    That is a bit of an odd one. Did you try doing a fully clean driver install again for the card? Maybe something happened during driver installation that is keeping the software from consistently communicating properly with the card. I personally don't use Precision anymore because I had many system instability issues with that software running on my particular system(s), but your mileage may vary. it could also have something to do with the version of the software you are using not playing nice with the card in general. If Precision v.2 works for your card then I would stick with that and go from there if it will allow proper voltage changes.

    Also, be sure to update your profile here with all of your system specs, there might be some information there that could help us out a bit more!

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