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Thread: Trying to overclock my xfx 7800gt 256mb

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    Default Trying to overclock my xfx 7800gt 256mb

    Hello everyone im trying to overclock my card to the i can get past 100fps no problem in Counter strike source.
    I saw james post about FPS worked..but the graphics are just...
    My resolution is 1280x1024
    Please someone help me out on this..<---newb in overclocking.

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    try reading this----> GPU/Video Card Overclocking Guide
    it will help

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    in my own experience it is almost impossible to get a constant 100fps in CS:S in a 40 man server, etc. This lot will probably be a tad controversial but it's just what i've felt personally about this game ever since it came out. I've wanted the 100fps smoothness that i had in CS 1.6 and it's bugged the hell out of me for years.

    The first time i found my CS:S frame rate 'acceptable' in a 40 man server was when i got an A64 to around 2.6GHz with a 7900 GT overclocked, anything less and i would get frame rates in aztec and office that would affect my play (jumps from 80fps to 50fps).

    Because i've played CS for years and have always been really sensitive to the frame rate i'm confident enough to say that even with a core 2 duo X6800 and a 7900 GT with everything on max you'll not get smooth frame rates at 1280x1024. Don't get me wrong, it'll be smooth, but it's not the constant 100fps type smooth. This will only shows itself on a 40 man server thats full on certain maps at certain points.

    For example, in office as a CT at spawn, 20 CT's on screen, you run left, 10 run with you and you enter the court yard, that will go down to about 60-70 fps.

    Anyhow, do you have a tft?

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