Hey guys Dirty South again here is another one of my build logs. This is my personal Gaming RIG this will be Phase 1(Basic Build up and CPU Loop install. Phase 2 will be the GPU loop.

Here is a look at the Hardware we will be using in our 900D build.


Case- Corsair Obsidian 900D

Processor- Intell i7 3770K

Mobo- ASUS Maximum Formula V

Ram- G.Skill 2133mhz 4Gb DDR3 x 4(16Gb Total)

Graphics-EVGA Geforce GTX 660Ti 2Gb DDR5

Phys-X-EVGA Geforce GTX 550Ti 1Gb DDR5

Boot/Os- OCZ Vertex 4 120Gb SATA3 SSD

Games- SanDisk Ultra 120Gb SATA3 SSD

Storage 1- Hitachi 500Gb 7200RPM SATA3 HDD x 2(Raid 0)

Storage 2-WD 1Tb 5400RPM SATA3 HDD

PSU-Cooler Master 1000watt Silent Pro Modular

Sound-Creative Labs Recon PCI-E Sound Card


Fans-12 x 120mm & 3 x 140mm

Radiators- 140mm, 240mm and 360mm

Reservoir-Bitspower 400mm Tube Res.

CPU Block- EK Supreme LTX Acrylic

Pump-Swiftech D5 /w EK Acrylic Pump Top

Fittings-XSPC 90Deg. Rotary(Chrome) x 6, XSPC 45Deg. Rotary(Chrome) x 4, Fesser 3/8"ID x 1/2" OD Compression(Chrome) x 12

Tubing-Primochill Advanced LRT (Blood Red)

Coolant-Mayhem's Aurora Tharsis Red


Lighting System- BSMods 16.5' 3250 RBG LED Strip with remote Home Page

Cable Extensions- Shak Mods Single sleeve(Red)

Fan Controller- Custom 18 port fan controller off of a Aerocool Strike X-ST

Got the Fan Controller PCB's Mounted to the Back side of the HDD cages.

The 360mm Rad. has been mounted with 3 x 120mm Xigmatek Red LED fans.

The Mobo, Ram, Processor, CPU Block, 140mm rad and Extension Cables have been installed.

Side Panel form a Corsair Carbide 600T making a cameo appearance. Using it as a Mid-Plate to hide the wiring on the bottom.

1/2 an hour later and a few snips from my Nibbler and it's nice and snug.

Cover'd it with Sound Matt to hide the nasty holes.

3250 RGB LED strip just came in. This one is from our new Sponsor Home Page Mr. Stewart is a good guy. He will sleeve them in any color you want and it already has the 4pin molex connector installed. Hit this man up NAO!!!!!!!

A look at the light effect form the RGB LEDs.

Cover'd the 5.25" drive bay with Sound Matt & Installed the Main Fan Controller PCB.

Installed the 240mm Radiator with Xigmatek Red LED Fans.

Pops painted the HDD trays for me. Thanks Pops!!!! The man has the ability to make Spray Paint look like it's Automotive Paint.

The SSD and HDD Drives have been put into there trays, Bitspower 400ml Tube Res. and a couple of the tubes have been routed.

Testing the Fan Controller.

Just waiting on the XSPC Rotary fittings to come in so I can finish the tubing and start leak testing. They should be coming in real soon.

What's this!! A box on my door step when I got home. From one of two fave places.

Awesome Packing Job!!!! Thanks Charlie at Performance-PC's.

What do we have here some Sexy new XSPC fittings and Phobya 3 pin Fan splitter cables.

OH HELL YES!!!! These new XSPC fittings look Awesome!!!!!!

Here's a look at our amateur review video of the New XSPC 45 Deg. & 90 Deg. Rotary Fittings.

Used two of the XSPC 90 Deg. Fittings to go from the bottom of the Bitspower 400ml res. behind the Motherboard plate. From here it goes into the top Mosfet cooler barb on the ASUS Maximus V.

Used two of the XSPC 90 Deg. Fittings with two of the Fesser compression fittings to connect the outlet from the D5 to the Inlet of the 360mm rad. Used two of the Fesser compression fittings to connect the outlet of the 360mm rad to the inlet of the 240mm Rad. One of the XSPC 90 Deg. fittings with a Fesser compression fitting to go from the outlet of the 240mm behind the Motherboard Plate to the inlet of the 140mm rad at the back of the case.

Here is a look at the two tubing runs behind the Motherboard plate.

All the tubing runs have been run, all the fittings have been checked. Time to LEAK TEST!!!!!!!!

Leak test is complete. Phase 1 Complete. Be Back soon!!!!!