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Thread: Using Various types of hardware on WCG

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    Default Using Various types of hardware on WCG

    Those of you that may be considering joining us on WCG need to know what to expect in terms of performance from the hardware used....

    I have learnt, over the past few years, that even though almost anything will run on WCG, I get a bit disheartened when I see the poor performance of my older hardware but even when I had the processor that now runs in my router (Amd 5050e) it produced around 1000ppd. Now then, 1000ppd *365 still adds up over the year and does good science.

    It may be that there are those of you that would prefer only to run WCG in the background when you have your computer on but not working hard by rendering or gaming.... That is fine too... A modern rig can produce a lot of points this way and a lot of good science with it

    Something else that might surprise you.... It is often possible to use "broken" hardware on WCG. I am doing that right now. I have just set up a 3770K in a M IV Gene which has a broken socket pin. This results in me only being able to run single channel ram, but it is crunching well.... I just threw Linux on it (I like the fact that Linux is free)

    There are a lot of features on a MB that are not needed for WCG so maybe you can get a cheap deal or own one already that will do the trick (this is of particular note for those who really don't want to leave their main rig on 24/7 but would like to join in the cheap way)

    A lot of people I know run their "rigs" using the bare minimum of hardware so; No case, just MB, CPU, RAM, HDD (or stick) and PSU. You may also need a temporary (can be permanent) Graphics card to set things up but a $10 card off Ebay is plenty good enough. Your choice of cooling solutions is endless but there really is no need to fit the very best.


    If you really must have a case then make one out of cardboard

    Got Questions???? ASK!
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